• Ocean Pro F200 (Yoke Only) / OP20 / OP20 & Free Termo Gauge
  • Ocean Pro F200 (Yoke Only) / OP20 / OP20 & Twin Gauge

Ocean Pro F200 (Yoke Only) / OP20 / OP20 & Free Termo Gauge

$599.00 $720.00


This regulator set contains the Ocean Pro F200 first stage, the OP20 second stage, the OP20 octopus plus a free Ocean Pro termo SPG. This is a robust and reliable combination, suitable for rental and school gear, as well as for highly demanding dive environments.

The newly designed F200 First Stage from Ocean Pro has a bullet-proof design, making it such a reliable and tough choice for divers all around the world. Especially its unbalanced piston design contains fewer moving parts, which means that you acquire a reliable performance in a simple design.

The OP20 second stage and octopus incorporate a downstream demand lever valve, which provides you with a high air-flow and a dependable breathing performance. Whenever you are swimming into a current, the strategically engineered shape of the purge and offset vents assist you by preventing diaphragm surge.

The ABS polycarbonate housing makes the second stage both tough and light. The primary regulator comes in a stylish black with orange Ocean Pro logo and the octopus is a signaling bright yellow ensuring high visibility at times in need.


  • Unbalanced piston first stage design
  • 1 HP and 4 LP ports
  • Downstream demand valve second stage and occy design
  • Nitrox compatible to 40%
  • ABS polycarbonate housing


  • Ocean Pro F200 first stage (Yoke)
  • Ocean Pro OP20 second stage
  • Ocean Pro OP20 octopus
  • Free SPG – Single or Twin Gauge (+$39)

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