• Ocean Pro F200 First Stage Only

Ocean Pro F200 First Stage Only

$279.00 $330.00


The unbalanced piston design of the Ocean Pro F200 First Stage makes the regulator reliable and provides you with a very dependable breathing performance. It contains fewer moving parts and is thus less prone to break down. Ocean Pro calls it a ‘bullet-proof work horse’. The robust F200 is therefore perfectly suitable to be used for school or rental gear.

Out of the box, the F200 first stage can be used with Nitrox gases with up to 40% O2. You get one high pressure and 4 low pressure ports for your preferred hose routing. The oversize Yoke fitting can be matched with all valve configurations.


  • Unbalanced piston first stage design
  • 1 HP and 4 LP ports
  • Nitrox compatibility up to 40%
  • School and rental gear safe

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