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Ocean Guardian Shark Shield Fish01

$2,699.00 $3,000.00

Add Extended 3 Year Warranty (+$450)
Add Hard Carry Case (+ $179)

Keep your valuable catch safe and make sure no sharks come close to it with the powerful Ocean Guardian Shark Shield Fish01. It’s the world’s first innovative long-range shark deterrent system, powered by Shark Shield Technology. The Shark Shield Fish01 has specifically been designed for fishing off the back of a boat. It has been proven to reduce shark attacks on hooked fish.

The technology takes advantage of a shark’s highly sensitive electrical receptors present in their snout. Simply submerge the three electrodes, which emit a three-dimensional electrical field that surrounds the area of interest, when all electrodes are submerged. Sharks that come close to your fishing area will then feel a strong discomfort, which keeps them away from your catch. The electrical shark deterrent does not affect your target fish, as they do not have such receptors.

The powerful electrical field that is being created is up to 15 metres (49’) deep and 6 metres (19’) wide. Never miss a catch due to shark tax and protect your catch at depths up to 200 metres (656’) all day long.

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