• Mares Epic Adj 82X PVD Regulators

Mares Epic Adj 82X PVD

$999.00 $1,300.00


The Mares Pic Adj 82X PVD regulator has treated both first and second stages with Physical Vapor Deposition making them scratch and corrosion resistant preserving their life span. Also, thanks for Mares' patented Dynamic Flow Control, all LP ports give a consistent air flow at any depth. 

Two HP points positioned opposite each other on the first stage and swivel turret which can be positioned facing up or down for maximum flexibility to divers preferences. 

The 82X first stage features Mares' Auto Sealing Technology keeping it free from water and other unwanted foreign bodies, keeping the internals dry and offering maximum reliability. 

The Epic second stage is exceptionally durable and perfect for cold water diving and with its easily adjustable air flow provides divers with effortless and comfortable breathing in all situations. 

This regulator is available with DIN or Yoke fittings. 

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