• Light Monkey 45lb Twin Tank Wing

Light Monkey 45lb Wing

$555.00 $585.00


Light Monkey 45lb Twin Tank Wing

This doughnut doubles wing is constructed from heavy duty 1680 denier nylon creating a very strong wing, which will outlast most other diving wings.

Just like the single tank wing, the outher bag uses a #10 non-corrosive marine application (Vislon) zipper and has a heavy duty welded 15mm polyether inner bladder.

The wing package consists of:
- Outer Bag
- Inner Bladder
- 90 Degree Elbow with a 12 inch (30.5cm) corrugated hose
- 22 inch LP inflator hose
- Two small EPDM bands to streamline hose routing

Light Monkey does not recommend using the twin wing for single tank diving.

Weight: 2.8lb (1.27kg).

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