• Light Monkey 28lb Single Tank or Rebreather Wing

Light Monkey 28lb Wing

$555.00 $585.00


The low profile 28lb (12.7 kg) Light Monkey wing is a doughnut wing designed for single tank diving. It is constructed from heavy duty 1680 denier nylon making it last way longer than the average diving wing!

The outer bag, which has a #10 non-corrosive marine application (Vislon) zipper, protects the 15mm polyether inner bladder.

Wing consists of:
- Outer bag
- Inner bladder
- 90 degree elbow with a 16 inch (40.6 cm) corrugated hose
- 22 inch (56 cm) LP inflator hose.
- Two small EPDM bands (on the corrugated hose to streamline your inflator hose)

Please note that Light Monkey recommends using a single tank adapter. Therefore this wing does not have cam strap slots. 

Weights: 2.3lb (1kg).


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