• Hyperion GoPro Tray with Dual YS Mount 3/4-in Flex Arms

Hyperion GoPro Tray with Dual YS Mount 3/4-in Flex Arms

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The Hyperion GoPro Dual YS Mount Tray is a lightweight and compact option for creating a professional lighting set-up to use with your Go Pro or Action Camera. We all know artificial lighting and stability are the top key aspects when it comes to perfecting your underwater images! With the Hyperion GoPro Tray you can use your action camera to create high quality images just like with any other compact or DSLR camera! 

The Hyperion GoPro Dual YS Mount Tray is designed to attach to GoPro action cameras inside their underwater housing, plus most other action cameras, it also comes with a tripod screw to Gopro adapter incase their are any other compact camera housing you would like to try it out with. With two 3/4-inch thick 30cm long flexi arms with YS mounts attached, which you can hook up to underwater flashes or strobes, you can achieve optimum angles for photography, resulting in top quality images! The dual arms also feature an easy grip texture which creates a comfortable and easy hold for additional camera stability. 

Take a look at Hyperion’s vast range of  YS mountable video lights and flashes to begin your professional lighting set up. Take your action camera seriously, create a professional set up, and enjoy creating top of the range images from a compact and lightweight travel friendly package! 


  • Create a professional lighting set-up for use with your action camera 
  • Enhance your photography with extra stability 
  • Two 30 cm long  flexible arms with Y/S mounts (3/4-inch wide )
  • Standard tripod screw & GoPro to tripod adapter 
  • Stainless Steel mounting attachment 
  • Compact design 
  • Lightweight Anodised Aluminium tray
Tray Dimensions: 20  x 30 cm

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