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  • Hyperion GoPro Mount To Tripod Mount Adapter
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Hyperion GoPro Mount To Tripod Mount Adapter



Are you fed up of purchasing different camera trays, tripods and stands for your underwater camera housing and GoPro Camera? Do you wish you could just use the same gadgets with each, saving on precious space and weight in your travel dive kit?  Or perhaps you've found the perfect camera tray but it doesn't fit and want to use it with your action camera, but it doesn’t fit? This is where the Hyperion Tripod To GoPro Mount Adapter with Screw and Nut comes in handy. With this handy adapter you can switch up GoPro and other action cameras to a standard tripod fitting to attach to a 1/4-inch Tripod thread screw (the most common fitting for all underwater camera trays, housings and other photography necessities.)

If you already have Tripod Threaded Mounts lying around and want to purchase a GoPro for quick and easy shots of your underwater memories, then this is what you're looking for! 


  • Converts GoPro Action Camera style mount to Tripod Mount
  • Converts to standard 1/4" tripod screw thread 
  • High strength and durability

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