• Hyperion 12-inch Carbon Fibre Ball Float Arm (+200gr)

Hyperion 12-inch Carbon Fibre Ball Float Arm (+200gr)

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The Hyperion 12 Inch Double Ball Fibre Arm is an alternative key piece of kit when customising your underwater lighting set-up. 

Bringing you 200g of positive buoyancy, the 12-inch Carbon Fibre Ball Float Arm brings you more flexibility in terms of kit customisation than the standard Aluminium Double Ball Arm. You can use the fibre ball float arm to counter balance any negative buoyancy from your camera or housing alongside using it to create a personalised lighting rig with proper lighting angles. A neutrally buoyant set up will bring additional stability and precision to your images.

Artificial lighting is key when shooting underwater photography. The strength of your lighting set up will determine the quality the images you produce. When creating a lighting rig for your camera housing or tray a double ball arm is must have piece of kit. Connect it to a strobe or light (that features a ball arm) directly with a double ball clamp, or add additional double ball arm connectors to gain lighting angles with further reach and precision. Whatever set up you choose, using double ball arms to build your lighting rig brings you the ability to switch and change lighting angles as you dive.

The Hyperion 12-inch Carbon Fibre Ball Float Arm is constructed from corrosion-resistant carbon fibre with rubber O-ring friction gaskets.


  • Standard ball mount on both ends 
  • Easily attach strobes or lights to your camera housing or tray 
  • Create a customisable underwater lighting set up 
  • Achieve exact lighting angles 
  • Corrosion Resistant Carbon Fibre 
  • Rubber O-Ring Friction Gaskets
  • Length: 12 inch(25 cm)
  • Positively buoyant  (200g) 

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