• Hollis HD200 BCD
  • Hollis HD200 BCD Front
  • Hollis HD200 with Crotch Strap
  • Hollis HD200 BCD Left Side
  • Hollis-HD200 BCD Back

Hollis HD200 BCD

$939.00 $1,190.00


Performance, durability and comfort are qualities you get with Hollis’ HD200 Buoyancy Compensation Device. The heavy duty construction and innovative design make this a great choice for advanced divers.

The contoured, lightweight backpack with back pad, lumbar support, and a rolled neoprene comfort neck are all valuable features when it comes to your comfort underwater. Additionally, the HD200 has a traditional 2" waist strap with a stainless buckle and a 2" nylon waist strap with quick release buckle.

The HD200 BCD has two pinch and pull, quick release weight pockets, storing up to 4.5kg each. An additional weight of up to 1.36kg can be stored in the rear weight pockets (non-dumpable).


  • 1000 denier Cordura outer shell with PU lamination
  • 15mm urethane internal bladder
  • 5kg (10lbs) quick release weight pockets + 1.36kg (3lbs) rear weight pockets
  • System weight: 4.3kg (9.4lbs)

4 bladder sizes available: S – 34lbs, M – 36lbs, L – 38lbs, XL – 38lbs.

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