• HOG Zenith Black Second Stage Only

HOG Zenith Black Second Stage Only

$205.00 $225.00


The HOG Zenith Black Second Stage offers you an even greater performance, ease of use and durability than the Classic HOG regulators, yet still at a reasonable price. Improvements include the exhaust cover, the silicone soft touch purge assembly and the current flow dispersing front cover.

The Zenith is a pneumatically balanced adjustable second stage that offers you an unparalleled breathing experience. The second stage features a multi-position air flow control lever and deflection vane, a current dispersing front cover with a soft touch silicone purge insert, as well as an external breathing resistance adjustment knob.

The zinc chromate air barrel and cover trim ring makes this regulator stand out as far as design is concerned.


  • Pneumatically balanced adjustable second stage
  • Silicone soft touch purge assembly
  • Multi-position air flow control lever
  • Ergonomic silicone mouthpiece

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