• HOG Regulator D1x First Stage / Classic 2.0 Second Stage

HOG D1x / Classic 2.0

$519.00 $560.00


The Hog D1X Classic 2.0 regulator combo for technical divers: HOG promises you a lasting performance, durability and reliability!

The D1X is a balanced first stage with an environmental seal and a swivel turret featuring 2 HP and 5 LP ports. It is made of black chrome plated brass. The balanced design offers you stable breathing performance, no matter your dive depth or remaining air pressure and the environmental seal protects your first stage from freezing in cold waters.

The Classic 2.0 Second Stage from HOG is a great addition. It is a pneumatically balanced design, making sure you enjoy an easy breathing at all times. The metal gas tube and precision components further retain heat and moisture from exhaled breath. The inhalation effort knob and the dive/pre-dive venturi adjustment lever are easily handled during your diving adventure.


  • Balanced diaphragm first stage (environmentally sealed)
  • 2 HP and 5 LP ports on a swivel
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Inhalation effort knob

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