• HOG Classic 2.0 Second Stage Only

HOG Classic 2.0 Second Stage Only

$179.00 $190.00


HOG has upgraded its Classic Second Stage, so meet the HOG Classic 2.0! It offers you the same great breathing performance, durability, and dependability as the last model, but now features an upgraded and restyled silicone purge cover. It offers a great value for your money.

The Classic 2.0 Second Stage has been designed for technical diving. The metal gas tube and precision components of this reg allow for precision tuning. This leads to an extremely low inhalation and exhalation effort. At the same time, it also retains heat and moisture from your exhaled breath, which means that you are left with less dry mouth. Overall, this also aids in a better freezing resistance on cold water dives.


  • Pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Inhalation effort knob
  • Dive/Pre-dive venturi adjustment lever
  • Dual diver-adjustable features

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