• Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit (40cft, 80cft or 7L)

Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit (40cft, 80cft or 7L)

$85.00 $95.00


Halcyon Stage Kit (for 40s, 80s or 7L)

Halcyon’s Stage Bottle Rigging Kit provides a reliable and streamlined solution for stage or deco bottles. The kit includes everything you need to set up a single cylinder for technical or overhead diving.

In an emergency situation, all attachment hardware can be easily cut free.

The kit is available for 40 or 80ct cylinders and includes:
- Stainless Steel Cylinder Clamp
- Two Stainless Steel Bolt Snap (1")
- Nylon Tube Webbing to cover the stainless band to prevent cuts and abrasions
- Braided nylon line creates a secure connection
- Elastic EPDM bands (to store your regulator)

Please note that he MOD Decal is no longer included in this pack.

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