• Halcyon H75P / Halo Regulators

Halcyon H75P / Halo

$925.00 $1,050.00


The perfect combination for extreme dives in super cold water or environmentally challenging conditions.

The Halcyon H75P is a high quality air balanced flow-through piston first stage. The ports are placed on a swivel, so you have ultimate freedom in setting up you hose routing. You have two opposing high pressure ports and 5 high-flow low pressure ports with up to 15% more air flow.

The Halo is the perfect match for the H75P. The high volume air delivery of the balanced downstream valve makes every breath you take underwater easy and smooth. Two adjustment systems, an easy access control knob for inhalation control and an Air Control Vane to fine-tune breathing.

On top, you have the super soft comfort mouthpiece, which helps to reduce jaw fatigue and mouth irritation.


  • Air balanced flow-through piston first stage
  • 2 HP and 5 high-flow LP ports
  • Balanced downstream valve second stage
  • Adjustable inhalation control and Air Control Vane

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