• Halcyon H75P First Stage

Halcyon H75P First Stage Only

$469.00 $550.00


Ranking among the best in the industry is Halcyon’s H75P first stage. Designed for extreme diving conditions like ice cold waters and contaminated environments. A super reliable air balanced flow-through piston ensuring consistent air-flow under any dive condition, tank-pressure or depth.

The H75P features the Halcyon 360 degree swivel turret cap with two opposing high-pressure ports and five high-flow low pressure ports. This set-up provides you with ultimate flexibility concerning hose routing and, thus, your comfort. You can set up a simple open water system or even create a sophisticated rebreather configuration.

The 300 Bar DIN first stage is considered one of the most secure connections on the market. Of course it can be use with a Yoke fitting, when you connect the correct adapter.


  • Air balanced flow-through piston first stage
  • 2 HP and 5 high-flow LP ports
  • Nitrox 40% compatible*
*Oxygen-clean upgrade kits available for the H75P.

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