• Halcyon H75P / Aura Regulators

Halcyon H75P / Aura

$799.00 $920.00


The ready to go regulator set: Halcyon’s H75P first stage and the Halcyon Aura second stage.

Halcyon’s H75P is an air balanced flow-through piston first stage. Air flow remains unaffected by tank pressure, dive depth or temperature. Placed on a 360 degree swivel, you have two opposing high pressure ports and 5 high-flow low pressure ports with up to 15% more air flow. This way, you have ultimate freedom in setting up you hose routing.

The classic downstream valve Aura second stage is a great addition to the H75P. It has a simple, yet classic design. It is a compact regulator, without a lot of unnecessary gimmicks. It is an ideal and reliable regulator for regular divers or for training purposes. The Air Control Valve helps regulating your breathing effort.


  • Air balanced flow-through piston first stage
  • 2 HP and 5 high-flow LP ports
  • Classic downstream valve second stage
  • Air Control Vane

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