• Halcyon H50D / Halo Regulators

Halcyon H50D / Halo

$999.00 $1,160.00


With Halcyon’s H50D you get a balanced, environmentally sealed, high-performance first stage. It is perfectly suitable for extreme dive conditions, such as cold water dives or contaminated water conditions. Neither depth, temperature, nor tank pressure affect the air flow. It features four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports, so you can route your hoses exactly as you like.

The Halo second stage primary regulator offers you an extremely natural breathing experience. It is a balanced downstream valve in a compact design, which offers you a high volume of air on every breath. All in all, a totally smooth breathing experience. It is perfectly adjustable with an easy access control knob, plus the Air Control Vane (ACV).


  • Balanced and environmentally sealed diaphragm
  • 2 HP and 4 LP ports
  • Balanced downstream valve second stage
  • Adjustable inhalation control and Air Control Vane

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