• Halcyon H50D First Stage

Halcyon H50D First Stage Only

$399.00 $470.00


Halcyon’s H50D first stage is a balanced diaphragm. It is environmentally sealed, which makes it suitable for harsh dive conditions such as extremely cold water or contaminated environments. The high-performance diaphragm design has been popular with cold water divers for quite some time.

The H50D features two high-pressure ports on opposing sides. This way you are free to choose where to attach your SPG. Together with the four low pressure ports, it gives you a lot of freedom for your preferred hose routing.

It is a 300 bar DIN fitting with a Nitrox compatibility of up to 40%.* With the correct adapter, you can also convert this first stage into a Yoke fitting.


  • Balanced and environmentally sealed diaphragm
  • 2 HP and 4 LP ports
  • 300 Bar DIN first stage
*The use of 100% oxygen is not recommended with a diaphragm first stage design. You would have to choose the Halcyon H75P.

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