• Gear Aid Tenacious Tape (McNett Iron Mend Repair Fabric)

Gear Aid (McNett) Tenacious Tape Iron Mend

$24.00 $28.00


Gear Aid Tenacious Tape is a specially designed iron-on repair fabric for neoprene. If you like easy repairs that you can do in the convenience of your home, Tenacious Tape is the right repair kit for you. It can fix all things made of neoprene. You just have to cut the repair fabric to the desired size and iron it on the neoprene.

It is also great for fortifying or supporting neoprene that can use a bit of reinforcement.

This product was formerly known as McNett Iron Mend Repair Fabric. It is exactly the same product, sold by the same company (McNett used to be a line within the Gear Aid range).

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