• Fourth Element J2 Womens Leggings Baselayer

Fourth Element J2 Womens Leggings Baselayer

$139.00 $165.00


Fourth Element's J2 Baselayer range is perfect for protecting your skin and providing an extra layer of thermal protection under your drysuit. 

The J2 leggings are super comfortable with soft material, a soft waistband and flat seams. 

The use of silver ion technology has incredible anti microbial properties means that these are perfect for long wear, combined with anti wicking properties of the material keeping the skin dry helps to prevent infections as well as keeping you warm. The silver ions are incorporated into the fabric meaning the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties last and are not washed away. 

The wicking properties actively draw perspiration and moisture away from the skin, and with the right combination of undergarments can even pull it further from the skin into the fibres of the undersuit. The J2 retains some of its thermal properties even in the even of a flooded suit. 

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