• Faber 3L Steel Tank with Boot & DIN/K Valve

Faber 3L Steel Tank with DIN/K or X-Flow Valve

$429.00 $500.00


Faber Steel Cylinder - 232 bar - 3 litre - DIN/K Valve. With a 3l tank on an open circuit, you won’t last long on your dive. This 3l volume steel tank is frequently used with closed circuit rebreathers (CCR). This includes the Inspiration, rEvo, JJ-CCR, Hollis Prism, and Titan rebreathers.

Made to the highest international standards, Faber constructs these tanks from high-quality Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel. It features a strong and reliable tank valve. It can equally be used for either an INT (Yoke) or DIN connection.


  • Fill pressure: 232 bar (3365 psi)
  • Valve: Standard DIN/K or X-Flow
  • Capacity: 3l
  • Weight: 3.4kg (7.5lb)
  • Dimensions: 50 x 10cm (19.7 x 3.9”)

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