• Faber 12L HP (300 Bar) Steel Twin Cylinders

Faber 12L HP (300 Bar) Steel Twin Tanks with Manifold & Bands (Free Shipping)

$1,399.00 $1,800.00

Add Blanking Plugs?

If standard twin cylinders are not enough, step it up a notch and extend your bottom time even further by using manifolded 300 Bar Faber 12L twin cylinders! 

These cylinders come with a full manifold with two 300 Bar HP DIN valves (the type with the deeper thread) and an isolation bar. The bands and bolts are also included as well as the rubber boots, which are optional on twin tanks of course.

Please note these tanks can only be used with DIN regulators. For yoke regulators, the only option is to go with standard (232bar) tanks.

Add a pair of optional blanking plugs if you would like to have the option to split the tanks up at a later stage! To split them, you simply drain the tanks, take off the bands, remove the isolation bar and screw in a blanking plug into each valve. You will then have two 12L cylinders with opposing valves - ideal for sidemount!

Please note that the isolation bar and the bands are included in the order, but they will not be installed when shipped.

This twin tank system will ship for free Australia-wide. Unfortunately we cannot ship these internationally.

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