• Faber 12.2L Compact Steel Cylinder Tank

Faber 12.2L Compact Steel Tank with Boot & DIN/K Valve

$519.00 $700.00


This is the compact version of the two 12.2l tanks offered by Faber also known as a stubby 12.2L steel tank. Especially shorter divers prefer this model over the longer ones, as it does not reach up as high towards the back of your head. You need to consider the condensed weight distribution though, before jumping straight into the water.

Due to its weight, you can leave a good amount of lead off your weight belt. This makes the steel cylinder the preferred choice by cold water divers, who have to compensate for thicker wetsuits.

Faber’s tanks are made from high-quality steel according to the highest international standards. It is delivered with a standard DIN/K valve, but these are modular and you can change it from a single connection to dual connection valve.


  • Fill pressure: 232 bar (3365 psi)
  • Valve: Standard DIN/K
  • Capacity: 12.2l
  • Weight: 14.2kg (31.3lb)
  • Dimensions: 51.5 x 20.4cm (20.3 x 8”)

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