• TUSA/Scubapro Corrective Lens (Left)

TUSA/Scubapro Corrective Lens (Left)

$56.00 $68.00

Diopter Left Eye
Bi-focal (only available for positive diopters)?

TUSA/Scubapro Corrective Lenses

Turn your TUSA Freedom Ceos mask into a prescription dive mask with a set of corrective lenses. The lenses are available with negative diopters, positive diopters and bi-focals.

Diopters increase in 0.5 increments and range from -1.0 to -8.0 for negative diopters and +1.5 to +4.5 for positive diopters and bi-focals.

Please add your mask to your cart first. Choose from either the TUSA Freedom Ceos or Scubapro Flux and then select your left lens and right lens separately.

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