• Faber 7L Steel Sidemount Tanks with Opposite Valves

Faber 7L Steel Sidemount Tanks with Opposite Valves (Free Shipping)

$879.00 $1,216.00

Valve Types

Make yourself as streamlined as possible with two 232 bar 7L Faber steel sidemount cylinder with a left hand side and right hand side valve!

Whether you're soft mounted or hard mounted, you can pick whichever valve you prefer! You can go for the standard (small) left and right Sidemount DIN/K Valves, the DIN/K manifold valves or the High Pressure DIN manifold valves! All valves are supplied as a left and right one. The manifold valves have a longer post and come supplied with blanking plugs. The HP manifold has a deeper thread for the DIN connection (which you'll either love or hate).

The standard DIN/K valves and the manifold DIN/K valves come with a DIN insert. Leave it in to use the tanks with yoke first stages or simply take it out to use the tanks with DIN first stages.

These cylinders are shipped for free Australia-wide. We do not ship these overseas unfortunately.

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