• Aquatica +10 Macro Wet Lens

Aquatica +10 Macro Wet Lens

$365.00 $378.00


Super-macro is within your reach with Aquatica's +10 wet dioptre close-up lens, whose unique style allows for some truly amazing magnification: as much as 2.2:1 (with a standard 105mm macro lens), resulting in wonderfully detailed images. Aquatica have set themselves apart from the competition by smartly sealing their lens' dual elements inside an air space. Not only does this optical formula eliminate aberration and distortion from your images, the Aquatica lens will retain its strength of magnification underwater at all times to keep your pictures sharp and professional.

The lens holder will mount onto any Aquatica bayonet macro port, using a fastener that will not scratch or damage the port's protective anodising. Both holder and lens are constructed from high-grade aluminium, hand polished and with an anodised finish, while the optics are assembled by hand to ensure premium quality. Lenses come with the standard 67mm thread integrated into their design for extra versatility. Mounting the close up lens is easy too, with a unique press-fit method that makes for quick and secure mounting.

  • +10 wet dioptre close up lens.
  • Achromatic dual elements.
  • BK-7 mineral glass in air.
  • Aquatica quick release mount.
  • 67mm mounting thread.

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