• Apollo Bali Mask

Apollo Bali Mask



The perfect mask for the avid snorkeler, the Apollo Bali Mask is a large lens mask offering maximum field of vision to take in the beauty of the underwater world, you wont miss a trick with the unlimited vision angles offered by Apollos generous design! If you're one of the lucky ones, and benefit from hands-free equalisation, then you’re in for a treat spearfishing with these viewing angles! 

Featuring a comfortable black silicone skirt and double feather edge seal technology, you’ll hardly notice it’s there as the Apollo Bali Mask seals the water away where it belongs, even when those smile lines appear as you indulge in the fun below!  The thick black silicone strap allows for easy adjustment and an additional handy feature is that it fits most face types due to the versatile large frame size. Offering a stainless steel mask band and high strength tempered glass you can be sure the Apollo Bali Mask is going to be a sturdy, long lasting addition to your kit. Watch out, once you experience the Bali Mask you’ll never be satisfied with the vision offered from your masks of the past ever again!


  • Stainless steel mask band
  • High strength tempered glass
  • One piece lens to provide maximum field of vision
  • Comfortable black silicone skirt and strap
  • Easy strap adjustment
  • Double feather-edge seal to keep water where it belongs

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