• TUSA Paragon Prescription Mask - All Colours
  • TUSA Paragon Prescription Mask - Black/Black BK/BK
  • TUSA Paragon Prescription Mask - Black / Fishtail Blue BK/FB
  • TUSA Paragon Prescription Mask - Black / Fluoro Yellow BK/FY
  • TUSA Paragon Prescription Mask - Black / Metallic Red BK/MDR
  • TUSA Paragon Prescription Mask - Black / White BK/WH

TUSA Paragon Prescription Dive Mask (with Corrective Lenses)

$389.00 $500.00


The TUSA Paragon is our top of the line prescription dive (and snorkel) mask with anti reflective corrective lenses! Combine TUSA's softest skirt with these special UV420 treated lenses, made from crystal clear CrystalView Optical Glass and  you have a winner on your hands!

The mask suits many different faces, but is particularly good for medium to larger (wider) faces. The gentle soft Freedom skirt with the latest sealing technology (called Freedom Fit II) uses varied silicone thicknesses and stability ridges to create that perfect seal on your face. The frame is light weight and extremely durable and the buckles on the skirt can be angled for the perfect fit.

This mask takes the following lenses:

  • planos (standard glass lenses, no correction)
  • negative diopters: -1.5 to -6.0


  • Tri-mix frame (light weight!)
  • UV420 lens treatment (anti-reflective) with CrystalView optical glass
  • Angle strap adjustor with 3D strap for best fit
  • Freedom Fit II skirt for best seal
  • Stability rigdes to minimise compression and leakage


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