• Zeagle Onyx Regulator Set (Yoke) & Free Termo Gauge
  • Zeagle Onyx Regulator Set (DIN) & Free Termo Gauge

Zeagle Onyx Regulator Set (DIN or Yoke) & Free Termo Gauge

$699.00 $1,030.00

Assemble & Pressure Test

Scubalab Testers Choice confirms its outstanding quality and performance: Zeagle’s Onyx Regulator. This set includes the first and second stage regulator, as well as an alternate and a free SPG. All you need to get straight into the water.

This is a great choice for cold water divers, as both first and second stage have integrated features protecting it from freezing and offering a superior breathing performance in all dive conditions. The Onyx 2 Regulator Set features both an external diaphragm on the 1st stage and an anodized aluminium heat sink on the 2nd stage.

Direct airflow through the 1st stage is achieved by the internal structure of the reg. This means lower turbulence and an overall outstanding performance. This is complimented by the compact profile of the second stage, which further offers diver adjustable breathing sensitivity and a dive/pre dive venturi control lever.

Also included in this set are the Envoy II octopus, a reliable alternate air source for emergency situations, and a free termo gauge.


  • Environmentally sealed and cold water kit installed
  • Balanced diaphragm 1st stage
  • 5 LP and 2 HP Ports
  • Downstream valve, balanced diaphragm 2nd stage
  • Dive/pre dive venturi control


  • Zeagle Onyx first stage (DIN or Yoke)
  • Zeagle Onyx second stage
  • Envoy II Octopus
  • Free termo gauge

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