• Waterproof Meshtec Longsleeve

Waterproof Meshtec Longsleeve

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Waterproof's 3D Meshtec undergarments are exceptionally warm under any type of drysuit! It is developed from the patented 3D mesh lining that Waterproof's flagship drysuit, the D1 Hybrid, uses.

The two piece underwear has been constructed from a stretchy 3mm non compressing mesh. It is easy to don and doff and provides a nice snug fit. Because it's a non compressing mesh, the air will flow freely while throughout your dive to prevent head loss an create a steady temperature within your suit.

The layer of air in between your body and the outer shell of the drysuit keeps you warm, even when the suit presses on the undergarment in some spots. With other undergarments, these spots may go cold (as the undergarment compresses), but the Meshtec keeps air flowing even in those areas, thus keeping you warm and comforable. 

The longsleeve is extra long on your back to avoid gaps and the stitching is beautifully done to prevent irritation of the skin.

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