• Waterproof EX2 Drysuit
  • Waterproof EX2 Drysuit - Pink Ladies Womens
  • Waterproof EX2 Drysuit - Red Ladies Womens
  • Waterproof EX2 Drysuit - Blue Mens
  • Waterproof EX2 Drysuit - Red Mens

Waterproof EX2 Drysuit

$2,669.00 $3,140.00

Blue (Mens Only)
Pink (Womens Only)

Waterproof’s EX2, or Expedition Drysuit, is a top-class suit providing you with movability and breathability, while being classified as low weight. The most important qualities of this suit are comfort and flexibility. That is why this suit is not as robust as other suits from Waterproof, but if you treat it with care, the suit will serve you just as well.

The EX2 features exchangeable silicone neck and wrist seals, which can be easily swapped for latex seals, due to the implementation of SI TECH rings. You can choose your own footwear, as the suit features fabric socks.

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