• Waterproof D9X Breathable Drysuit
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Waterproof D9X Breathable Drysuit

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The D9X Breathable builds upon Waterproof’s D9 Ultra-Light Drysuit Concept. Even though there have been some extra reinforcements and new build in strength, the suit is still super light. Stronger laminated material is used and Zip-Off neoprene warm cuffs on the wrists. With these you can use any dry-glove system you wish.

The suit features XLITE soft boots, which you can readily wear with almost any strapped fins. It is equipped with a frontal dry zipper, which provides you with more independence as a diver. The integrated lightweight pockets on each leg give you room to store extra equipment.

This suit was awarded the ‘Tauchen Award’ for Best Drysuit in both 2016 and 2017.

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