• Waterproof D9 Breathable Drysuit

Waterproof D9 Breathable Drysuit

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Add Oral Inflator (+$199)?

Waterproof's D9 is the lightest weight Waterproof drysuit on the market, built to answer the demand for a light weight, travelling drysuit. Because of the very minimal weight and the breathable material, it is a very comfortable suit that is ideal for tropical and snorkelling destinations.

The quad-lam suit has a breathable membrane and ultra-sonic welded socks. Combined with the latex seals this makes it easy to transport and fold up the suit. As it's so light weight, this suit was designed for snorkelling and delicate diving. It has adequate tear, puncture and wear resistance but isn't meant for heavy task loading, or technical (cave or wreck) dives.

The suit has internal suspenders, a crotch strap and a telescopic torso for added comfort. Because of the light weight and the telescopic torso, it hardly feels like you're wearing a drysuit. It also makes for a more flexible suit that can be used by people with different heights.

Comes with:
- Internal Suspenders
- Light Weight Ventilated Waterproof Bag
- Low Pressure Hose

- Oral inflator for snorkelling purposes

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