• Tusa X-Pert Zoom Z3 Fins

Tusa X-Pert Zoom Z-3 Fins

$239.00 $314.00

Cobalt Blue
Fluoro Yellow
Metallic Red

Over 5 years of research and development brought the highly regarded and best-selling SF-8 X-Pert Zoom split fin to market in 2003.  TUSA redefines the fin market again with the introduction of the SF-15 X-Pert Zoom Z3. 

The SF-15 further improves upon the performance, features and design of the SF-8 with the incorporation of 3 materials, 10% longer blade length, enhanced propeller-fin technology, reinforced blade rails and optimized blade scoops.  These new features along with TUSA's patented 27° Angled Blade Design and EZ strap buckle system make the SF-15 THE fin for divers.

TUSA's Angled Blade Design: When using the standard traditional blade fin, with the leg completely extended, there remains an angle of 27° between the heel and the foot and the calf of the leg, causing a 10% loss of propulsion. Because the fin is angled below the body, during the kick phase, the body is pushed forward and down, instead of straight ahead.  With the SF-15 fin, that 27° angle has been designed into the fin.  This means that 100% of the energy expended during the kick phase is directed toward the propulsion of the diver.  To achieve maximum performance from this fin, use a small bent-knee kick with a light rhythm. This creates less strain on the leg muscles compared with traditional fins, reducing the diver's fatigue and subsequent air consumption.


*Three material design for increased performance compared to standard split fins

*Patented 27° Angled Blade Design

*Enhanced propeller-fin technology optimizes efficiency

*Multi-compound foot pocket increases power transfer to the fin blade

*Reinforced side-rails decrease blade separation increasing stability and kick-style versatility

*Optimized blade scoops increase water channeling

*Innovative hydrofoil design that produces forward motion (propulsion) with less effort

*10% longer blade than SF-8 for enhanced propeller effect

*TUSA patented EZ Strap and buckle system 


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