• Tusa X-Pert Evolution Full-Foot Fins
  • Tusa X-Pert Evolution Full-Foot

Tusa X-Pert Evolution Full-Foot

$53.00 $68.00

Cobalt Blue

The Tusa X-Pert Evolution full foot fins combine Propeller-fin technology, TUSA’s multi-flex blade system and patented Angled Blade Design.

The FF-19 provides more speed and power with less effort and fatigue than traditional paddle blade full-foot fins. The FF-19 is a thin, lightweight design ideal for snorkeling and travel, yet it generates maximum performance and comfort with minimum strain on the leg muscles when using a small bent-knee kick with a light rhythm.


*Innovative hydrofoil design and hybrid rib produce greater forward motion (lift) both on the surface and under the water

*20° Angled Blade Design for maximum efficiency and propulsion

*Propeller-fin technology and super lightweight design achieve the ultimate performance with less effort

*Open-toe full foot pocket provides superb comfort and support 


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