• TUSA Sport Splendive Travel Set - Black
  • TUSA Sport Splendive Travel Set - Light Blue

TUSA Sport Splendive Travel Set

$99.00 $130.00

Fin Size
Light Blue

The TUSA Sport Splendive adult mask, snorkel and fins combo (UP-7221B) consists of the very comfortable TUSA Sport Splendive Mask (UM-7500), Hyperdry Elite Dry Top Snorkel (USP-250) and the Multi Flex open heel fins (UF-21).

This mask is ideal for small to medium sized faces and is very comfortable. It can be ordered with prescription lenses ($49 each - please email us for more information) and has a hypoallergenic crystal black silicone (double feathered edge) skirt. Combine that with the dry top snorkel that prevents water from entering the bore (with hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece) and you're guaranteed a great snorkelling experience! 

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