• Suunto USB Cable for Helo2, Cobra, Vyper and Zoop (non-Novo)

Suunto USB Cable for Cobra, Helo2, Vyper and Zoop

$89.00 $100.00


This USB cable enables you to connect you Suunto Helo2, Cobra, Vyper and Zoop (non-novo models) to your PC or Mac.

Together with Suunto’s DM software (free to download), you can plan your upcoming dives. After you finished diving, you can then use the USB cable to download all your dives onto your computer. This way you will not lose your dive data and you can store and analyse it whenever and whatever detail you want.

This USB cable can be used with the following Suunto computers:

  • Cobra
  • Cobra3
  • Helo2 (HelO2, Hel02)
  • Vyper (non Novo model)
  • Zoop (non Novo model)

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