• Suunto Cobra3 Black

Suunto Cobra3 Dive Computer

$899.00 $1,000.00

Add USB Cable and Quick-Release Hose (+$45)?


The Suunto Cobra3 Dive Computer features air-integration, 3D Compass, easy to read display and easy to operate with 4 buttons. It uses the Suunto RGBM algorithm and provides non-stop decompression. The computer can be used in three different modes (air, enriched air nitrox, and gauge) and is able to switch between gases.

The Suunto Cobra3 is available in an USB with Quick-Release version where you are able to quick-release the computer and store it somewhere safe or download your dives on your PC.

Dive can be planned ahead with the Cobra3's dive simulator and dive planner, and you can view and log your dives on your PC if you download Suunto's DM5 software. 

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