• Sterling 100PSI Hookah Regulator 2nd Stage

Sterling 100PSI Hookah Regulator 2nd Stage

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The Sterling 100PSI Hookah Regulator 2nd Stage is an excellent choice for surface supply regulators. It provides reliable, high-quality breathing which can be easily adjusted. It can also be used for commercial use, proving its durability and strength.

Compressor-based Hookah systems source air from a surface-supplied compressor. The most common pressure is between 75psi – 100psi. Hookah systems which supply air from surface-based cylinders use an extended LP hose, where the intermediate pressure ranges between 110psi – 140psi.

The Sterling 100PSI Hookah Regulator 2nd Stage can be used with the majority of surface-supplied systems. The adjustment screw allows you to breathe comfortably at any pressure.  

This second stage regulator offers high-performance budget-friendly option for hookah divers.

The Sterling 100PSI Hookah Regulator 2nd Stage is durable and robust for commercial use, meaning it will stand the test of time. Thanks to the downstream demand valve, the design allows for simply servicing and maintenance. The Venturi deflector reduces the chance of free flow, to ensure safety during your dives. The plastic housing is corrosion resistant to ensure longevity of this product.


  • Adjustable inhalation dial
  • Venturi switch for adjustment prior or during the dive
  • Commercial diver equipment
  • Robust and durable design
  • Downstream demand valve
  • Simple servicing and maintenance
  • Easily located large purge button
  • Plastic housing for corrosion resistant protection
  • Compatible with up for 40% Nitrox
  • 12-month warranty

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