• Snatched Snare Cray Diving Snare (3 Lengths)
  • Snatched Snare Cray Diving Snare Top

Snatched Snare Cray Loop (3 Lengths)



Snatched Snares are a one handed gun style horn snare of cray fishers! The benefit of a one hander is that it allows the cray diver to keep the other hand free on a torch or keeping weed out your line of view.

With a 7x19 strand 316 marine grade stainless horn loop and replaceable rubber horn protector, you can snatch your cray with confidence! The trigger and handle design allows a controlled grip to push back and pull on crays to get them out from under a ledge!

The cray diving snares come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. Made with only 316 marine grade stainless steel components, these aluminium snares are made to last. Snatched Snares feature nyloc nuts on every bolt, double heat shrunk crimp, handy lanyard and a rubber horn protector on every snare.

  • Small: 680mm
  • Medium: 850mm
  • Large: 1080mm

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