• Shark Shield Scuba 7

Ocean Guardian Shark Shield Scuba 7

$629.00 $800.00

Add Shark Shield Neoprene Soft Carry Bag (+$39)
Add 2 Years Extended Warranty - Total Warranty of 3 Years (+$99)

The Sharkshield Scuba 7 is the ultimate shark deterrent for divers worldwide! It is easy to use, with two electrodes, one on the cylinder and the other on your ankle!

The antenna on the ankle of the Scuba 7 is a lot shorter than the one on the Freedom 7, but the centre of the range is right around your body because of the second electrode that's mounted on your scuba tank.

Shark Shields are the only trusted, independently tested and scientifically proven shark deterrent, providing you with piece of mind while enjoying your dives!

The unit will last up to 6 hours and the battery can be charged a minimum of 300 times. It is light weight and is specifically designed to be mounted on a scuba cylinder and your ankle to provide the best range while scuba diving!

Maximum operating depth of the unit is 50 metres.

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