• SEAC Sub 7mm. Ladies Warmflex Wetsuit

SEAC Sub Ladies Warmflex 7mm

$449.00 $530.00


The SEAC Sub 7 mm. Warmflex Wetsuit is a very flexible wetsuit that is easy to put on and take off. The inside of the suit is lined with SEAC Sub's Thermal Fiber Plush fabric, which acts to help keep water in place and has a faster drying time as well.

The arms and legs have zips at the end and special Glideskin material to help create a better seal. The knee-pads are robust and will protect your knees (and suit) and the back is covered with some extra relief to make it harder to slip of any surface while seated.

The 7mm. Warmflex wetsuit has a short zipper at the neck area, which will bring you a bit of relief on warmer days as you can open the zip to let some water in or create some space around your neck.

The suit has great little details like a velcro strap that helps to keep your zip up when the zip is closed and another velcro tag that keeps the cord tucked away. 


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