• SEAC Sub Sherpa BCD
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SEAC Sub Sherpa BCD

$765.00 $900.00


The SEAC Sub Sherpa BCD is the perfect durable all-round BCD. It is a vest-style BCD and the back wraps around your tank to support position and control air movement. This will make it easier for the diver to move around while scuba diving.  

The SEAC Sub Sherpa BCD has lots of options to customise your BCD in a way that suits you best.

The chest strap for example is height adjustable, or you can completely remove it if you wish to do so. The Adjustable Harness System provides the option to customise it to fit your body even better.

The SEAC Sub Sherpa BCD has an easy-to-use and reliable quick-release weight system and weight pockets on the tankstraps as well for small weight for a better trim.

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