• SEAC Sub R40 2300 Lumen Dive Light

SEAC Sub R40 2300 Lumen Dive Light

$399.00 $500.00


The SEAC Sub R40 Dive Light is an aluminum scuba diving lamp with tempered glass. It has an output of a maximum of 2300 lumen. Perfect as a primary dive torch. It has a burn time of 2 hours at maximum power and over 5 hours at reduced power. The R40 also has a flashing light option for signaling.

Adjust the beam to a focused spot light or a wide-angled beam to illuminate a greater area. It is adjustable from 12° to 75°. The switch interlock prevents unintentional starting. This way, you don’t accidentally use up valuable burn time. Operational until up to 100m of depth.


  • Dimensions: 62mm diameter, 206mm length, 594gr
  • Rechargeable Li-ion 26650 battery
  • Illuminance: 1500 lumens

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