• SEAC Sub 7mm. Mens Warmflex Wetsuit

SEAC Sub Mens Warmflex 7mm

$449.00 $530.00


The SEAC Sub Warmflex Wetsuit is a great flexible wetsuit that is easy to put on and with its 7mm. will provide you with all the warmth you need. 

It's a sturdy wetsuit with zips on the ankles, wrists and neck and thick protective knee-pads on the knees. The suit is lined with SEAC Sub's Thermal Fiber Plush fabric to ensure quick drying and a soft comfortable fit.

The SEAC Sub 77 mm. Mens Warmflex Wetsuit is the perfect wetsuit for those looking for a high quality, warm and flexible wetsuit with attention paid to the details that make it a great wetsuit!

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