• SEAC Sub Driver (Freediving Computer) multi-colour
  • SEAC Sub Driver (Freediving Computer) black
  • SEAC Sub Driver (Freediving Computer) green

SEAC Sub Driver (Freediving Computer)

$319.00 $400.00

Add USB Cable for $29

The SEAC Sub Driver is a new freediving wrist computer. It is super versatile and will provide you with all the data you need. It constantly monitors your activities, diving data and recovery times. It features a large internal memory with logbook, which you can download to your computer (PC or Mac).

The Driver provides you with your ascent speeds, temperature, total dive time and depth, all on the same display. Of course it also has the Minimum Surface Recovery Time feature for your safety. You can set the computer for fresh or salt water. One of the most convenient features is the user replaceable battery!

Add the USB Cable for only $29 and you are all set.

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