• Scubapro X-Tek Pure Harness

Scubapro X-Tek Pure Harness

$109.00 $235.00

Include Back Plate

Scubapro’s X-Tek Pure Harness is a basic harness, meant to create a comfortable foundation for either a single or double tank system. It includes the basic webbing harness and hardware (back plate not included).

The web harness is designed to provide ultimate stability. The stainless steel waist buckle helps to fasten the system and keep it in place. The X-Tek Pure Harness features multiple stainless steel D-rings, two on the shoulder straps and one on the waist. They are easy to reach for any additional clip-on gear you want to take with you.

The harness further includes a concealed storage that you can use to carry SMBs or other small lift devices.

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