• Scubapro Twin Jet Max Fins

Scubapro Twin Jet Max Fins

$289.00 $340.00


The Scubapro Twin Jet Max fins are slightly stiffer than the standard Scubapro Twin Jet and have a more modern look to them. Easy on the knees and ankles, the Scubapro split fin range ensures your leg muscles won't cramp up and you will use less energy, meaning less air consumption and less fatigue throughout your dives!

The hydrodynamic blades on the Twin Jet Max are rounded to create propeller propulsion, meaning the blades flex independently to maximise propulsion through the water without creating drag (similar to a propeller). The up and down strokes are symmetrical, meaning you will be in perfect balance when flutter kicking along the reef.

The rails on the sides of the blades enhance stability and the soft foot pocket guarantees comfort! The Twin Jet Max now comes with FREE spring straps included!

Size chart:
S = Up to Australian Size 7
M = Australian Size 7-9
L = Australian Size 10-11
XL = Australian Size 12+

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