• Scubapro Twin Jet Fin

Scubapro Twin Jet Fins

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One of the fastest split fins on the market, the Scubapro Twin Jet, is very easy on your ankles, knees and leg muscles! By using a simple flutter kick behind the body, you can get maximum propulsion, without cramping up or exerting yourself!

Because you're using less energy, your air consumption will improve and your body won't get as fatigued as it would with other fins.

The propeller technology used in these fins, ensure a smooth gliding motion through the water with each of the twin blades flexing independently (much like a propeller). The up and down motion create similar power, so your body will stay in perfect balance.

Available in black and blue and now for a limited time only with FREE spring straps included.

Size chart:
S = Up to Australian Size 6
M = Australian Size 7-9
L = Australian Size 10-11
XL = Australian Size 12+

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